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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> new this morning, pleasanton police put out a warning after a rash of home burglarieburglarie. what this man looks like and how he tries to get in. >> an east bay neighborhood in shock after a teen shoots his father. where did he get the gun? >> finding comfort and peace. east bay groups gather to remember the victims of the arizona shootings. how it's changing the lives of some east bay teens. it's thursday, january 13th, this is today in the east bay.
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>> good morning. it is 4:30 and let's check the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. we have changes on the horizon for today. light scattered shower activity expected in the north bay, but we will see showers in the east bay. good morning to you in oakland and concord. expect your first shower around 11:00 a.m. the north bay around 9:00 and spreading south and you can see the bulk of the activity to the north. overall we have a nice dry morning that is good news for the commute. temperatures are a little bit more on the comfortable side. santa rosa is 50. 48 novato and 45 in san mateo. we hit 65 in saratoga and 63 in morgan hill.
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we will talk about what to expect today. >> let's get the first check with mike. >> we will take you out to pittsburgh in the eastbound direction. an earlier accident at love ridge road. a car ran into the barrels. no injuries, but there might be activities. i can see clearly that my icons are not moving the map system has frozen and moving at the speed limit. we have to be headed over a few seconds early because we have nothing more to show you. traffic is light. i will bring you a more active map. >> do not adjust your set. fair enough. a rash of burglaries in the pleasanton area. christi smith is live with what people and police are doing to put an end to the crime. >> good morning. we talked to pleasanton police and they're still looking for the guy and putting the word out
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for neighbors. it was 10:30 mt. morning and he thought no one home, but they were. the homeowner was in the upstairs bedroom and heard the door bell room. he decided not to answer and the suspect gets bold. he moved a windo screen to break in. he was surprise and jumped down and ran out. pleasanton police know this routine well. there have been several burglaries near the sports park recently. they set up the perimeter and launched a helicopter and brought out the police dog. he's a white mail in his 20 wise short blond hair wearing a black sweatshirt and blue jeans he wore white socks on his hands as gloves when he tried to break in.
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reminding people to lock doors and windows and set their burglar alarms. call pleasanton police. today in the east bay. >> thank you. four gang members all suspects in a shooting death of a vallejo musician. dewey tucker was on the way to church when he was fatally shot in his car on abe 80. authorities now believe the suspect, raul vega and 29-year-old christopher man sias and javier lopez mistook him for a rival gang member the suspects are in jail on charges of experience to mitt murder and use of a firearm that resulted in death. a 15-year-old boy shoots his own
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father in the head. hayward police want ton how and when. the boy's mother, father, and grandfather got into an argument before the boy shot his father in the head. they found the teen with the gun. neighbors want to know if the boy meant to shoot him or if it was an accident. >> i don't know what's happening here. too many guns. that's for sure. they have it in the kids's hands. >> the father did not die from the wound. he was at eden medical center in critical condition. he was conscious and talking on the way to the hospital. in the east bay dozens of people were mourning the death and praying for the recovery of gabrielle giffords. they heard from oakland where the community is embracing the president's call for more respectful disagreements.
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>> per many people are feeling arizona's tragedy right here in oakland. many came here to oakland city hall. >> when are violent acts acceptable? it's never okay. >> there is a lot in the air honoring those kill and praying for the recovery of those injured in the tucson shooting rampage. political heavy weights like lee and quan were there, but the presence of young people was strong. >> i vow that in the face of violence that i stand with a nonviolent solution. >> the young democrats sponsored the event. this 21-year-old wanted to be a part of it. >> the freedom center taught us that we have a voice. >> a voice to speak out against violence to tucson, arizona. >> she always wanted to pursue a career in politics and now wants to be a politician even more
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because of what gabrielle giffords stands for. >> she's a woman of the people and she was doing the right thing and she was hurt while she was trying to give a speech. i don't think that people should be punished for speaking out. >> oakland councilwoman rebecca kaplan is not surprised young people are speaking out. >> how are we going to expand jobs and get off oil and solve violence. >> he came with a sense of commitment and a spirit to serve. that's the example that young people all over the country have witnessed now. that's an example that i believe young people are following. that was cheryl hurd reporting. more on the memorials in a little bit. meanwhile, drivers beware. you need to find an alternate
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route to the freeway if you want to make it to work on time. a series of planned power outages are going slow down traffic at these key intersections. auto mall parkway 8-3 and highway 880 between 8-9 a.m. and 1-2:00 in the afternoon and durham road and highway 680. the traffic signals will be flashing red. it's going to be a giant stop sign. it's going to be cars lined up forever. >> likely. in the area around 680, there is a lot of restaurants on the 880 interchange. mission boulevard to the south and if you want to connect between the freeways, except for the early morning and middle of that evening commute where it's jammed up as well.
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eastbound highway 4, the earlier incident and the map. it should be moving at the off-ramp as well. mostly cleared off the roadway. you might find repair in the morning. very light and smooth. a little blip, but that clears up. i will watch it to make sure. 67 is for the westbound commute. around g street. that's where we typically expect that 67 will be closer to a 27. that's where the brunt comes off the bridge. not so much slowing because we have a thursday commute. that's lighter than tuesdays and wednesdays and they are vice-versa the way i motioned to them. out of the north bay and no problems as far as visibility goes. we are going to follow down to the maze. traffic here as well. we will get out of the way and clear as far as the access. 8:30 slow down for the slow
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down. that zone and here at the toll plaza itself, a light volume of traffic again. a light smut so far. a smooth drive as far as volume is concerned. >> we will watch for rain starting in the east bay. >> good morning to you. east bay, you have a few slight showers you will see the activity amplify and we are not expecting a lot, a couple 10ths of an inch in the north bay at best. a system is pushing into the pacific northwest and bringing showers north of the bay area. we have a good line starting to form and this could bring the first showers to the north bay in the next 15 to 20 minutes. get ready for a little bit of rain. nothing heavy and no yellows embedded in the green. very, very light. 44 degrees in san jose where you hit 63 yesterday. today it's looking cooler. around 61 and we are starting
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out mild. not as cold as it has been. as we head into the weekend, the temperatures are expected to be in the low 60s. we will be closer to 70. great scott, that's beautiful weather. back to you. >> i may be saying that. you may be losing a big perk with your cell phone provider. why you may think twice about buy ag i new phone. plus, we now know who won that huge mega millions jackpot. she doesn't want to claim her prize yet. we will look at oakland this morning. a mist of something in the air. we will check back in with christina in a minute try french's.
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>> you are looking at a live picture of the san mateo bridge in the north bay and the east bay. on auto mall parkway, you have a bunch of lights out. a planned outage. it will be slow and we will check with mike coming up in a bit. meanwhile an oddity in idaho. a major lottery winner. they showed off the check made out for $190 million.
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holly didn't attend the event. she doesn't want the check yet. the lottery director said the winner is still deciding between the $120 million sum or $7.5 million a year for 25 years. the other winners in the lottery from washington state, but that is a lot of money. be glad you live in california. most of the northeast is digging out of a snowstorm. one foot, two foot, more reported in several states. clearly having a shovel in order to is no fun. clouds and snow blowers and even as more snow is falling. some have coasted new records with more than 24 inches in 24 hours. christina loren meanwhile has a look at the local forecast that is snowless. >> that's the way we like it.
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good morning to you. we are done with the cold cold. it's not as cold as it was when we started out the week when we had temperatures in the 20s this morning, but we have 30s and 40s. you will see showers today in the north and east bay, as we head throughout the day, a few light scattered showers throughout your area. i will call it overcast we have our first shower starting to push on shower and headed towards santa rosa. expect slick conditions over to the north bay. this is what you can expect. 44 degrees in san jose. we are turn over to around 61 and fairfield is 61. 62 for concord and livermore and temperatures over the weekend are close to 70 degrees. the extend side coming up. back to you.
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>> scott talked about the flark red lights and i never answered that. we treat that like a four-way stop. right here further north, you will have a couple of lanes blocked north heading up to 92. there is construction there, butt full freeway closure reopened and you can access 92. it shouldn't be a heavy volume. must mean a few folks are moving closer to 50. we have westbound out of the pass and a 14-minute drive. we will see it start to chloe and 5:15 is when we will see the heart of livermore. a very smooth commute here so far and visibility coming out of the pass. >> thank you much. wall street will be looking for good news on the job front.
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weekly jobless claims come out in the next hour. for more on that and news on the bell, nicole is at, this ybc world headquarters. good morning. good morning, nicole. >> futures are flat after stocks posted decent gains. reports on unemployment. price inflation and the trade deficit. intel earnings and looking ahead launching a new pilot program to try to deliver tax refunds via prepaid debit cards. it could cut the cost and aid lower income taxpayers who don't have a bank account. low income people will be invited to activate the cards to have direct deposit. they can pay bills and go shopping with no added fees.
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great news for the consumer the other part is the consumer can keep up with the kardashians. they will design a new line of clothing. the collection with a k. the accessories will be included for sears. it will aim at young woman and debut in 400 sears stores this summer. >>. >> the kim kardashian clothing collection. my goodness goodbye to an upgraded policy. verizon will drop the new every two program. current customers will not be reenrolled after the next up grid. they have a credit of up to $100 and that could mean higher costs for subscriber who is want to do the upgrade. another source of news. the newspaper prepping for launch
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we talked about this. news corps digital publication will make the announcement next wednesday we expect. steve jobs expected to be there as we announce a new ipad as well. in place at various u.s. bureaus for news corp, including new york and los angeles. details are few. it will be called the daily and will be a subscription. how much it will cost, we are not exactly sure. in tucson, an overflow crowd came out to share grief at a public memorial service. president obama offered words of condolence and hope. noelle walker has words at the hospital where he visited surviving victims. a public memorial last night. a time for reflection and recovery. >> the hopes of a nation are here tonight. >> the service was punctuated by moments of grief over the loss of so many and jubilation for
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those who survived at the hospital. president obama visited congresswoman geab giffords. that wasn't the highlight. that came after he left her beb side. >> gabby opened her eyes for the first time so i can tell you she knows we are here. >> from the people who were there for her when it counted most, the people who stopped a gunman and saved lives, there is a lesson. >> heroism is here in the hearts of so many of our fellow citizens, all-around us waiting to be summoned. as it was on saturday morning. >> obama said it's natural to demand explanation and point blame and issued a challenge. >> it's important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not
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in a way that wounds. >> to hit home the point, president obama pointed out youngest victim was a budding politician in her student counsel and saw the world through the pure eyes of a child and not the fogged glass of a cynic. >> i want to live up to her expectations. i want our democracy to be as good as christina imagined it. may god bless and keep those we've lost in restful and eternal peace. >> noelle walker, nbc news, tucson, arizona. >> the vigil will be held for john roll, the federal judge killed in the rampage. the first federal judge killed since 1989. he was a friend of congresswoman giffords and he stopped by to say hello. roll's funeral will be held tomorrow. let's look at what's coming up
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later in the bay. we say good morning to brent cannon. >> taking your talks away. the usda is making changes to what your kids will be served at school. what is being pulled off of the menu and we are digging deeper into california's foreclosure crisis. we will see where we stand coming up. there is a look at the posters being seen in the bay area criticizing sarah palin over the shooting that. in a few more minutes. >> a pet and the owner are treated for the same illness. darwin single in alabama introduces us to a woman and her special dog. >> she the star of the search and rescue team. vision is say cadaver dog.
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jennifer morgan is her owner and has been with vision as she searched in high profile cases like the caylee anthony case in florida. >> she had 14 recoveries. 14 families got the answers they needed and that's a huge effect on the community. >> after a local search, jennifer noticed a swelling around vision's neck. >> we found out she had cancer. >> vision had cancer. not the diagnosis that jennifer wanted to hear, but one she heard before. jennifer herself is living with cancer. >> breast cancer. i'm in radiation right now. >> and vision is going through chemotherapy, much like her owner. she here at tlc veterinary hospital getting her third treatment. it was a diagnosis she received just in time for jennifer's birthday.
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>> we knew on her birthday so we didn't want to tell her on jennifer's birthday so we waited. time was of the essence and we to tell her. >> there is good news for jennifer and vision chances are good for recoveries. until then they will find comfort and support, a unique relationship that needs no words. an occasional iv and a scratch behind the ears. >> i owe it to her. she's worth it. >> darwin singleton for nbc news. >> when it comes to blood pressure, two is better than one. blitish researchers found patient who is start treatment taking two medicines together got faster results than beginning with one and adding another medication later. patients on two medications less
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likely to stop because of side effects. researchers say the findings could change the way doctors treat in the future. the manufacturer drugmaker did play a role in the study's design. let's check in with christina and they are talking about rain. >> good morning to you. not so out of the ordinary. light scattered activity needed throughout the day. the further north you live in the bay area, the better your chances are. you will see a few light scattered showers around the late morning hours and spreading south. we are not expecting anything heavy. less than a tenth of an inch. keep that in mind. it might slow the commute. temperatures are comfortable. 45 in oakland. yesterday we hit 65 degrees in saratoga and 63 in morgan hill and the same for san jose. today will be a little bit
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cooler and more cloud cover. it will be mild and nice and take a look at where the numbers are headed. we like to see warmer numbers, not that we expect it. 67 degrees on saturday. might be time to plan the picnic basket. >> coming up, there is a fiery scene along a bay area road. drivers coming dangerously close. we will tell you what happened. it has to do with a bus. you can see on the roads. you will be able to see one of the world's largest cruise ships in the bay area. this is the same one where the perjuries were stranded for days without power 3q
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